‘Brainbud’ is a speculative fiction graphic novel set in the near future. It includes three storylines from three different time frames, each one merging into the the next.

The book is a coming of age story for a public of teenagers and adults. It celebrates strong female characters and the Black Lives Matter movement.

It tackles topical subjects such as artificial intelligence and human-machine integration, and reflects on the use of tech as a solution to the plague of our time: Alzheimer’s and dementia.


Emma and Gina are childhood friends. They are smart and ambitious and share a love for technology – but their friendship is not without ups and downs. Their troubled relationship is the common thread that links together the three storylines in the book.

The two women invent Brainbud, a brain-computer interface used by patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s to recall their past memories. They start off testing it on Charlie, a black photographer known for documenting 1960s to 1980s protests against racism. Charlie is aware of the importance of his work, and is determined to retain as many memories as he can.

Brainbud has an extraordinary success, but its nature changes. Emma feels it should be more than a medical treatment, and sells it to the market as a consumer good for the entertainment industry. This will have a strain on Emma and Gina’s friendship, on Charlie’s health and on the state of a society which has become completely dependant on human-machine integration.


This long form book mixes ink drawings with watercolours and oil – all done digitally.


The book is a work-in-progress and is available in English.

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