‘Changing Gears’ Premiere

The making of documentary ‘Changing Gears’ took so much time that I often doubted I would live long enough to see the end of it.

It was with a mixture of enthusiasm, excitement, and incredulity, that I stood in front of the screen in Look Mum No Hand in Old Street. The documentary I co-directed, filmed and edited with collective Crumbs from the Table was being shown there, in a cycling themed venue.  When watching the film, the efforts of 10 hours non-stop filming on a bike came to mind. And I couldn’t help smiling at the naive statements of the teenagers I got to know and interview.

It was a good night. A lot of people turned up, they all loved the film, and a surprisingly interesting QA with the guys really engaged the audience. What a good way to celebrate the transformative potential of the bicycle in bringing people together and breaking down barriers.


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