The Summer of Love

This Summer, for me, has been the Summer of Love.

Love … for animations. During the making of ‘The Magic Binoculars’ for BBC Earth I found out I absolutely adore making stop motion animation, and mixing live footage with drawings.

Two days after that moment of enlightenment, here I am, with a newly purchases puppets kit, comprehensive of armature, paint, material, frames and whatever you need to dirty your hands with handmade fun. A real paradise for the newly converted animator.

Just to get myself inspired, I had a good look online and came across some of the sweetest / most complex / insane / surreal animations I could think of. Here is a short list of how I spent the afternoon.


I was struck by the style of this video. Characters and landscape are consistently geometric and DIY. Voice over is a bit annoying but overall geometry is what attracted me.

A 2d video with lots of humour, both graphically and in the storyboard. I like how simply but effectively the characters are drawn.

Lovely story, great 3d characters.

Very complex 3d animation mixing different styles.

Ah! This is insane. A 3d representation of music and theology, fabulous.

© Bruna Martini I Films